What do we print on?


We print on sustainable clothing by Stanley Stella. Offering superior-quality with the most consistent sizing on the market in a wide range of colours, SS is the best choice to us. Visit www.stanleystella.com for more information.

Where do we print?


Before we started printing on textiles, we were looking for the perfect partner for a while. Finally, we found a print-on-demand production in Hamburg that fit our needs perfectly. We got to know the production on site and were immediately convinced. The professional approach to sustainability was given and the print quality is very high.

Why are we doing this?


Apparently there are people who like to walk the streets with our logo on their backs. We also have many very talented designers and artists around us with whom we want to produce small collections. If you would like to design a piece of art with us, please contact us at hello@butt.media